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Since our re-opening in December 2018 we have been offering Yoga classes several times a week with our experienced Yoga trainer Kathrin Eidler, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Health/therapeutic and Yin Yoga.

Come and see, training is fun at Bergfried!

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Since our reopening in December, we have been offering Yoga sessions with our experienced Yoga trainer Stefan several times a week.

A Yoga lesson consists of body postures (Asana), breathing exercises (Pranayama), meditation and relaxation (Savasana). Fluent physical movement combined with breathing accordingly helps to create a harmonious balance and relaxation of body and mind.

The extensive Yoga program in our hotel varies between classical Hatha Yoga, active Vinyasa Yoga underlined with musical sequences, regenerative Yin Yoga for deceleration and fascial relaxation, and health or therapeutic Yoga which is individually adapted to the needs of participants.

Yoga is suitable for everyone - it improves flexibility, strength, stability and fitness, as well as breathing and increases the energy level. This makes it an ideal complement to other physical activities such as endurance sports, skiing, snowboarding, hiking or climbing. Take the chance to experience Yoga as part of a small group at the hotels beautiful new fitness area.

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Here you will find everything needed to get an efficient training-session in and to find a daily routine. Stay active with our Fitness & Exercise Programs.

Summer Activ & Fit with us

Summer Active & fit with us

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Spa and Bath Treatments

Feel moments of true happiness, enveloped in steam and soothing scents, with experienced hands to pamper you.

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Beauty & Cosmetics Treatments

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