Zeiss Planetarium

in Schwaz

Take a walk in the stars – and visit the Zeiss-Planetarium in Schwaz (at 63km distance).

The planetarium is a multi entertainment, cultural, and educational institution. It offers exciting shows for all age groups and professions.

Info Hotline
+43 5287 87239

Planetariums and observatories are quite different. In an observatory stars are directly observed through a telescope. Whilst in a planetarium the sky can be reconstructed artificially. This reconstruction takes place with the help of complex and precise equipment. Such as effect projectors, audio and video systems and lighting equipment which is all integrated within the 8 meter wide dome.

Follow the daily or yearly movement of the stars and planets within the cosmos. By watching the astrodome and listening to the information you will experience a full reconstruction of the planetarium.

Silver Mines in Schwaz

If you are visiting Schwaz, then don’t miss paying a visit to the silver mines.
Witness the lives for of 10,000 miners over 500 years ago over as they mined for silver and copper. This rich bounty made Tyrol one of the richest lands in Europe.

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