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Zillertal Valley offers stunning mountain bike tracks with different levels of difficulty. Our hotel mountain bikes are at your disposal free of charge. So just grab one! Helmets & water bottles are available at the hotel reception. Please, also get a copy of the Tux mountain bike tours at our reception desk. E-asy Riding - Beginners have the possibility to rent an E-Bike! Even if you are not the classic cyclist or mountain biker, you now have the possibility to cycle easily and without great effort through our unique nature. These new e-bikes look like normal mountain bikes but an electric motor is switched on, while pedaling.

Bike-Summer in Tux, that‘s fun!

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Suggested Tours ...

Lanersbach–Höllnstein Lodge (1.740m)

This relaxed mountain bike tour will take you the beautifully situated Höllenstein Lodge in about 50 minutes up to 1 hour’s time. At the Höllenstein Lodge you will find the highest peasant museum in Tyrol. The exposed pieces, tools and agricultural commodities (wooden plough, hacks, etc) as well as the pictures and photos show the incredibly hard life mountain peasants and lumberjacks from Tux led in the past.

Lanersbach–Hintertux (1.500m)

A relaxed biking tour along the river by Madseit to Hintertux. Approx. 50 minutes mountain ride.

Lanersbach–Grieralm (1.787m)

A very beautiful mountain bike tour on the Grieralm which will take about 1-1,5 hours. The Grieralm is a popular place to go hiking and biking with some most beautiful landscapes.

Lanersbach–Geiselhöfe (1.600m)

This is a rather challenging mountain bike tour to Vorderlanersbach Schöneben which will take about 1- 1,5 hours. Enjoy the sight of alpine farms and beautiful landscapes.

Lanersbach–Eggalm (2.300m)

This somewhat more challenging tour will take you from Vorderlanersbach, over Gemais and Lattenalm to Eggalm. The tour will take about 1,5 – 2 hours time. Enjoy a stunning view from the mountain lodge Eggalm as well as a fortifying snack.

Lanersbach–Stoankasern (1.984m)

Ride along the land road Juns, turn right and continue uphill to Oberjuns to the mountain dairy Stoankasern. Mountain biking time approx. 1,5 – 2 hours. Junsalm lays at an altitude of 1.984 m in a wildly romantic alpine highland. Enjoy some snacks and refreshments at the Stoankasern station. And from mid June to mid October you may watch how alpine milk is processed to butter and cheese.

Lanersbach–Elsalm (1.865m)

Beautiful bike run through the forest, to the Elsalm. About 2-2.5 hours ascent. Do not forget food, there is no refuge.


Lanersbach–Tuxerjoch (2.313m)

Ride along the Tux country road to Hintertux and before reaching Hintertux turn right to the Bichlalm (1695m). From here continue on a steep track upward to the Tuxerjoch House where a snack will be awaiting you. Mountain biking time approx. 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Lanersbach–Vallruckalm (2.132m)

Take the Tuxer country road to Vorderlanersbach, turn right to Schöneben and continue past Hobalm to Vallruckalm – cultivated grounds. Mountain biking time approx. 2 1/2– 3 1/2 hours.

Lanersbach–Penkenjoch (2.095m)

Take the country road to Vorderlanersbach, turn right follow the road until the Bruchbach stream, turn right again and continue to Schrofenalm. Pass by a Magnesite lake and ride uphill to the Wanglalm 2120m. From there continue to Penkenjoch. Mountain biking time approx. 3 – 4 hours.

Connecting Pathways: from Penkenjoch take the direction to Finkenberg or take the Zillertal mountain road to Hippach.

Attention! In case of very bad weather, the trails are closed as well as the 6-seater chairlift, which brings you to the starting point .
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