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The ultimate adventure playground in the hiking area Eggalm

The Eggalm cable car takes you almost directly to the newest highlight for families in the Zillertal. there is a lot to explore, like a large water pond with a tow boat or a play raft. Particularly courageous adventurers also dare to cross the almost 9 m long slackline to the other bank. Many other attractions with water and wooden alpine animals promise great fun and also bring the whole family closer to the alm natural area with its special features.

Spiel, Spaß und Spannung für Familien beim Bergfried

Pepis Kidsworld

at Penkenjoch in Finkenberg

At the Penkenjoch, not far from the reservoir pond, a true children's paradise awaits all little hikers. The highlight of the spacious area with jump air cushion, sand play area, balancing paths and much more can already be seen from afar. An 8-meter high playable wooden bear, the Penkenpepi, welcomes its visitors, big and small. The inside of the huge bear is the ultimate playground for all children. On 3 levels, there will definitely be no boredom. In addition to a crawling tube, a playhouse and a distorting mirror, there is also a climbing wall and many other attractions. If you've had enough of all the games, romping and climbing, you simply leave the giant Pepi by sliding down the long slide.


Spiel, Spaß und Spannung für Familien beim Bergfried


Be enchanted - on the Rosenalm

Every childhood is full of magic and magical moments - in the spruce castle with the spruce trees, you and your family can rediscover this joie de vivre. A long, long time ago, the hardworking spruce pigeons came to the Rosenalm and have lovingly built a sprawling castle complex for the prince couple, who will live there in the future. Younger and older guests of the Zillertal Arena can now let off steam while scrambling on the climbing tower, while sliding down the slide tower or working in the crane tower. The grandiose view of the surrounding mountains is best enjoyed from the 18m high observation tower. In addition to a generous water play area and an adventure playground, small master builders in the spruce house and in the crane tower also find numerous opportunities to continue the work of the spruce pomp. Comfortable places to rest and unwind are also not missing - this is what makes summer holidays in Zillertal even more fun!


Spiel, Spaß und Spannung für Familien beim Bergfried


Representing 400 mountain pastures and mountain farms, you will experience the first and thus most important step in the creation of high-quality livestock: animals in an appropriate environment at our "SchauBauernhof". We show what makes the hay milk of cow, sheep and goat so special and why bees are more than just honey suppliers. From hard-working bees, to happy chickens, to adorable fawns - there's a lot going on at the "SchauBauernhof"! Our little guests can enjoy hay-hopping, a mini-tractor trail and probably the world's largest haymilk can (giant slide with a lookout tower) while the adults relax in cozy diners or in our reading area.


Spiel, Spaß und Spannung für Familien beim Bergfried


Experience the nature with all your senses!
Comprehend and understand ... Mother Nature has created a extraordinary and unique habitat for all of us.

Starting point of the natural world is the middle station of the “Finkenberger Almbahnen”. From there, many different habitats along the marsh trail are here to explore. The special moorland soil can be discovered and closely examined through an experiment. A short break in the hanging chairs or in the listening island, where the sounds of the environment can be perceived much more intensively and consciously, leave children and adults in deep amazement. Shortly before the end of the walk the unique island of relaxation in the middle of the fairytale forest is achieved.

This walk is an unique experience for nature lovers!

>>Overview Naturwelt

Welcome to Tierwelt!

Here visitors immerse into the unique and fascinating world of animals. Adults and children discover very interesting information in various game stations. In the animal world the interaction between the organisms is brought closer to the visitors. Who crawls there? Appearances are deceptive!? How many ants can you discover in the animal treasure hunt? These and many other questions are answered playfully along the wildlife trail.

A lot of balance is needed while balancing on the millipede and when climbing the spider web in the circus of fleas. The spirit of discovery is awakened in the animal treasure hunt and with water games! All insect friends will be delighted with this fun hike!  

>>Overview Tierwelt

Dive into the fascinating world of water!

Visitors experience the fascinating and unique world of the water. Even from a distance you can see the "Floating Faucet", which is also the start and end point of the hike.

How much water do we need? What are thermal springs? These questions are answered along the trail. Together with the mascot "Gletscherfloh Luis" adults and children discover the power of water and the transformation ability of the essential natural element. Courage and skills are required at the large waterfall swing and target shooting with water pumps. For all nature lovers and knowledge seekers this enjoyable hike is just right!

>>Overview Wasserwelt

On Safari, Set, Go!

Heroes of the Glacier beware! Around the hiking area “Sommerberg” an exciting adventure course with tricky riddles is awaiting you. Together with Gletscherfloh Luis all detectives experience an exciting hike with mysterical treasures! Small detectives explore the mystery of the glacier with the help of interactive displays.

The treasure map is available at the valley station of the Hintertuxer glacier cable car. Join and help us to solve the mystery. "On Safari, Set, Go!".

All children up to 10 years are transported for free, not only to Sommerbergalm (2,100 m), but up to the 3,250 m high Gletscherflohpark. There, at 3,250 m you can race down the tubing slope and start a snowball fight in the middle of summer.

>>Overview Gletscherflohsafari

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