Swarovski Crystal Worlds

in Wattens

This is certainly worth an excursion: visit the Svarowski Crystal Worlds in Wattens at only 68km distance.

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens contains magnificent crystal treasures. The crystalline delights are guarded by the water-spouting head of an alpine giant. After passing the giant at the entrance to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, children and parents discover the sparkling crystal treasures in the underground exhibition – for example the smallest and the largest crystal in the world, ...

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Located near the entrance to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds there is Crystal Planet, a 3-D display which represents the history of the world in crystal metaphors. In the Crystal Dome the interior of a crystal is mirrored in 590 facets. There is also the Crystalloscope, a gigantic kaleidoscope, which has a special power and energy to heal. These fine crystals were developed by a German therapist in association with Swarovski. Sensitive people can feel the harmony emitted by these crystals.

The 11 m high and 42 m long crystal wall, filled with 12 tons of crystal stones is really unique and very impressive!!!

The glittering figures in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds’ Crystal Theatre stimulate the imagination of children and parents. The giant’s personal possessions and once faithful companions, the accordion, ring and walking stick are transformed into multimedia magical objects.

Several more chambers of wonders, well guarded by the Swarovski giants, are hidden in the underground exhibition hall at Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

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