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Recommended tours starting from Tux – Lanersbach

This traveling information we have compiled for you. Of course, we would be in the exact planning of your walks and tours to help you. Come. To us at the reception, we'll get you in detail.

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Valley Hiking to Hintertux

This tour is designed to gently allow your body to acclimatise to the hiking lifestyle. The route takes you from the Klausboden to Juns, and along the stream towards Madseit. We recommend that you take a break at Cafe Sepp which offers good cuisine, freshly baked cakes, fine drinks and of a warm welome from the owner, Sepp himself. Once you have recovered, continue along the stream and over bridges that cross the wild Tux stream to Hintertux.
Total Hiking time approx. 4,5 hours

WANDER ON MOUNTAIN PASTURES – Grieralm Höllenstein Hut

We recommend taking the Tux Hiking Bus to Hintertux. From there you can advance through mountain pines to the Steinreise. Swiftly you will cross the Steinreise and continue to the Tulferalm mountain pasture. From there on you will go to the Grieralm mountain pasture at the Grieralm Lake. Enjoy the beautiful views and a quick rest, before continuing to the Höllenstein Hut and Mountain Peasant Museum. The Mountain Peasant Museum lays just next to the local tavern. The way back down to the valley is short and sweet.
Total Hiking time approx. 3 - 4 hours


This is a relaxed hiking tour over the Brandalm mountain, through blooming pastures and lush forests. By taking a well deserved break here you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view on the Tux Valley. The route goes from Gemais to Lanersbach and back again.
Total Hiking time approx. 3 - 4 hours

RELAXED HIKING TOUR – Tuxerjoch House in the Weitental Valley

Reach Hintertux with our bus or by private vehicle. We personally recommend taking the gondola up to the Summerbergalm. From there the ascent begins and you will travel to the Tuxerjoch House in about 1 hour. After a short rest continue your route through the Weitental Valley, passing the Schleier Water Falls and back to Hintertux.
Total Hiking time approx. 3 hours

PANORAMA HIKING TOUR at the Moor Nature Trail

Reach the hiking track with the Post Bus (e.g.: 10.55 at Hinteranger) to Finnkenberg. Take the Finkenberg Almbahn gondola to the middle station. From here enjoy a relaxed walk through the Moor Nature Trail to the Schrofenalm. Enjoy the magnificent scenery with a wonderful view on the Tux Valley. After a well deserved short break head back home by wandering through Vorderlanersbach.
Total Hiking time approx. 2 - 3 hours

ROUND TOUR Grübelspitze – Torsee Lake

Ascend the Eggalm with the taxi. Then wander steeply up the Grübelspitze for about an hour and continue to the Stammgästekreuz (regular visitor’s cross) at the Ramsjoch. Take a break here and do not forget to get your stamp. Enjoy the beautiful view and a small snack before continuing with a short descent to the Torsee Lake. “Go for the cool wet feel“ and enjoy a swim in the mountain lake! From there continue down to Nassen Tux and through Gemais back to Lanersbach.
Total Hiking time 5-6 hours

WATERFALL TOUR Summerberg – Bichlalm

Take the Hiking Bus or your personal vehicle to Hintertux. Take the track past the the Hintertux Glacier Lift to the nearby Kesselwasserfall water falls. From there ascend to the Schraubenwasserfälle water falls and continue to the Walfischmaul (whale’s mouth) through the Waldeben to the Summerbergalm Summer Mountain Pasture. Once rested with some refreshments continue wandering to the Bichlalm and finally back to Hintertux.
Total Hiking time approx. 4 hours

GLACIER HIKING WITH A VIEW Kaiserscharte – Frauenwand

Take the Hiking Bus or drive with your personal vehicle to Hintertux. Take the gondola up the Summerberg mountain pasture. From there ascend the Kasererscharte in an approx. 2,5 hours hike, passing by the Blumenweg (Flower Path) (with many groundhogs!!!) up to the Frauenwand. After conquering the summit continue to the Tuxerjoch House. Enjoy a well deserved break and snack. Then return to the Summerbergalm and take the gondola back down to the valley.
Hiking time approx. 3-4 hours
From the Tux Joch House continue via Weitental to Hintertux.
Hiking time approx. 4-5 hours

KINGS TOUR to the Rastkogel 2.762m

Take the Hiking Taxi up to Lämmerbichlalm. From there start the approx. 2 hour ascend from Standen to the Rastkogel. This is certainly one of the highest and safest mountains of the Tux Pre Alps. After successfully conquering the summit, continue to the Rastkogel mountain lakes – we suggest bringing along a bathing towel for those who’d like a swim. The way back home is via Heidi’s Ski mountain pasture and the Vogelaue until you reach Lanersbach.
Total Hiking time approx. 5,5 - 6,5 hours

ROUND TOUR Tettensjoch – Kreuzjoch

In Lanersbach, at the bus stop named Hinteranger, walk over the bridge uphill and turn right at the junction. Take the left road at house No.509 and walk for approx. 2.5 hours uphill. Follow the hiking path No.20 to Tettensjoch. From there continue over the Kreuzjoch to the Höllenstein Lodge. Here you will find the highest peasant museum in Tyrol. The exposed pieces, tools and agricultural commodities (wooden plough, hacks, etc) show the incredibly hard life mountain peasants and lumberjacks from Tux led in the past. From there it will take another 45 minutes to Lanersbach. Magnificent alpine flora and many alpine rose fields.
Total Hiking time approx. 5-6 hours


We recommend taking the Hiking Taxi up to the Höllenstein Hut. From there head to the Kreuzjoch and continue on to the Elsalm, via the Lachtalscharte. The challenge begins here, as there are some very steep declivities to cross in order to reach the Gams Hut. After a well needed rest, continue to the Brunnhaus at Finkenberg Weg Nr.534. Take the post bus back home.
Total Hiking time approx. 5,5- 6,5 hours

MOUNTAIN TOUR to the Hippold summit 2.643m

Take the hiking taxi up to the Vallruckalm. From here starts the hike! Ascend the Hippold in approx. 1.5 – 2 hours. After reaching the summit, continue to the highest mountain lake in the Tux Valley: the Eiskar Lake. After a short cooling bath (don’t forget bringing a bathing towel!) give yourself a treat. Then there is time for a snack break at the Vallruckalm. Rested and energized, we continue to Nassentux Mountain Pasture, pass by Gemais down to Lanersbach.
Total Hiking time approx. 5,5 - 6,5 hours

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