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the Capital of Tyrol

Only 85 kilometres away is the Olympic City, a charming place that should not be missed.

Nestled in the heart of the Alps, you will find a unique blend of culture and history. Time will fly as you are busy discovering all the beautiful sights that this city has to offer.

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Amongst the long list of things to do, you may go for a shopping, touring, sight the Anna pillar, the world famous “Goldene Dachl“, the Bergisel ski jump stadium or the imperial Hofburg (royal palaces).

Alpine Zoo Innsbruck

The most important and manifold cross section of alpine fauna!

Go Wild! Come talk with the animals at the highest zoo in Europe (at 727m altitude). With over 2000 animals from 150 different species you get lost in a world of adventure. Embark on a journey through unique animal enclosures, aviaries, aquariums and open air terrariums.
Learn the history and present of our Alpine Animals.

The alpine zoo lays above Innsbruck on the sunny side of the valley, and offers a magnificent view of the capital of Tyrol!

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Excursion destinations

Bergfrieds excursion destinations

There are a lot of exciting and interesting places, attractions and sights in Tyrol to be discovered


Rattenberg die Glasstadt

The medieval city known for its glass manufacturers directly at the river Inn

Planetarium Schwaz

Planetarium in Schwaz

Reach fort he stars in the Planetarium Schwaz


summer paradise

You can expect numerous possibilities from spring to autumn in the region around Tux