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After a full day of sporting activities you will be in need of a rest. Treat yourself and spend some time relaxing in our 2.100m² wellness centre at the Bergfried.

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Enjoy the creative infusions with great choreographies, light and sound effects made by our sauna master . The focus is his virtuoso waving technique. You look for an adventure that appeals to all the senses? The Bergfried Eventsauna is the perfect place.

The textile sauna is especially for all families and is located practically directly in the swimming area. Thus, the sauna fun is guaranteed for all ages. The textile sauna has also been fashionably designed.


Even the ancient Egyptians have used the salt stone as a remedy. This natural stone helps to improve the  air quality and thus has a very positive effect on the physical and mental well-being. Our salt stone  room is not only a place to relax, also a space for regeneration.

After a perfect sauna walk, a cooling is a "must have". What could be than better  as an refreshing, ice-cold plunge pool? A dive should not take longer than 10 to 20 seconds. The blood vessels in the skin contract causing better circulation of internal organs. So the plunge pool not only provides a refreshment but also a health effect.

Our large resting and relaxing area is especially tranquil.

Relax and enjoy the warm water beds and comfortable lounges. Enjoy the unique atmosphere, at the vitamin bar or with your favourite tea.

 Enjoy the beautiful side of life!

The positive effect on beauty and health from radiant heat has been a secret of the Romans for thousands of years.

Our herbal bath offers a comforting atmosphere with selected herbs that will enhance your well-being.

Take 20 – 30 minutes out of your day for this relaxing bath. There is a separate bath space reserved for each guest. The temperature in the cabin is about 55°C.

By pouring a bucket full of water on the sauna oven, the fresh herbs develop their full aroma and the humidity is increased, releasing a fine scent. A Kneipp hose is available to cool down during the bath.

LACONIUM originated from ancient Rome, and has been a popular treatment for thousands of years.

The Romans have known for centuries that by emanating heat and sweating midly, the body became detoxified and decongested.

For those who find the traditional Sauna too intense, the laconium offers a lighter method to help the body sweat after only 15 to 20 minutes of approx. 75°C steady heat. Due to this slow and stepwise heating up of the body, the detoxification effect takes place very harmoniously. Try having a cooling body shower after this by turning on the Kneipp hose in such a way that when you hold it vertical, the water is about a handwidth high.

How about a real rustic-style sauna?

Let the fragrance of native wood dazzle your mind while you relax in the soothing warmth that emanates from the stone oven. This traditional sauna generates the greatest sense of well-being.

Steam delicately mixed with natural aroma activates blood circulation and moistens both skin and respiratory organs.

This is certainly the most beautiful sauna….

The mountain crystal has an effect on a number of organs. Its particular power lays in its cleansing, purifying and healing properties.

By simply pressing a button, a fine spray of sea salt brine is dispersed in the air. By adding essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint the lungs are cleansed and purified.

This oasis is a wonderful place of well-being of your lungs and is ideal at purifing the respiratory system.

Enter an area of arctic coolness

The attractive stone carved fountain contains ice flakes which are handy and ready for use. Scrub your hot body with ice cold flakes and enjoy the contrasting sensation as your blood circulation increases. Your immune system will also be strengthened this way.

This unique experience also tightens the skin and activates the heart muscles. It can be repeated as often as you please.

In addition to other options we also have massaging foot baths available for your feet to relax between sauna sessions.

“Ahhh that feels so great!”

Lean back and enjoy a massaging foot bath, which will activate your reflex zones on the soles of your feet.

Our Kneipp stream combines stimulating warm and cool water with pressure massage.

Walk slowly along the stream and experience its invigorating effect. This bath stimulates the thermal stimulus, which activates blood circulation and eases pain.

"I would like to know what sickness can not affect weakened body, while a strengthened body is not affected at all. It is the weakening which opens the door for many sicknesses" Sebastian Kneipp, My Testament, 1895

This is a must for real sauna enthusiasts.

Between sauna sessions we recommend you cool down in our beautiful garden. Breathe in the fresh pure air, collect energy, cool down, and simply relax….

Conveniently linked to our Sauna and Relaxation World.

Our Beauty reception is an ideal destination for quality cosmetics, health, beauty therapy, health baths and massage.

Since this summer our fresh air fans can fully rejoice.

Our recreational area has been enlarged by a new meditation space & sunbathing lawn.
Let your mind go free as you enjoy the fresh alpine air and mild sunshine on your skin.

Whenever the sun should not stretch out its neck, Enjoy the solarium instead of the deck.

Here you can comfortably achieve a sexy, bronze tone.

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