Kids Action Waterpark


Water fun for big and small adventurers – this ist the Bergfried’s kids action waterpark. Explore the super cool 47 metres long waterslide, water shooters, action wheels, kids fun pool, baby paddling pool and a special family sauna. All of this will make your holiday even more perfect!

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Once apon a time there was….

… the fearsome Bergfried sea monster. The monster has stolen all of the Hotel Bergfried's golden treasure and hid it so nobody was able to find it. All of the people living in the small town of Tux were afraid of this dangerous sea creature.

One day a big and strong man called Bergfriedrich appeared. He went to battle the massive monster in the mystical water world. The gold was actually there! The monster was directly standing on it! After a long and draining fight the strong Bergfriedrich was finally able to beat the bad Bergfried sea monster, even though eyerybody thought he would have no chance to beat the creature. The people of Tux then threw a party to celebrate the victory. Bergfriedrich was a little hesitant. The people all wanted the gold. Envy would befall those who got less and greed those who wanted even more gold.

So Bergfriedrich made a decision. He took all of the gold and built a big kids action waterpark and once again hid the rest of the gold. The people of Tux have been searching for the gold ever since... never being able to find it.

Help Bergfrieda - the granddaughter of Bergfriedrich - to find the lost gold. Where could it be? You start your adventure by entering the mystical water-world and racing down the 47 meters long red waterslide. Fight off enemies with the water-guns, but beware! Look above you or you will get showered by water! Soar through our rain-clouds and enjoy the drizzling water and be a water-bender by using our action-wheels.Look closely, maybe the treasure is hidden there?

Are you ready to help Bergfrieda to find the gold of her grandfather? Come on and help us!

For all our smallest adventurers, who are just looking to have fun, we also have the Bergfried baby water world. There you will be greeted by Nemo, Froggi and pink Fanti. And parents, don't you worry, we also have a comfortable chill-out area for you from where you can keep a close eye on your little ones!

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