Action Kids Waterpark

auf 200m²

Fun and Water for big an small adventurer – this ist he Bergfried’s kids-action-waterpark. Explore the super cool waterslide 47 meters long, waterguns, action wheels, kids fun pool and baby paddling pool. You can also find out a little bit more about a super exciting story….

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Once apon a time there was….

… the really bad Bergfried sea monster. The monster had stolen all of the Bergfried gold and was hidden it that nobody was able to find the treasure. All of the people who were living in the small town were affraid of this dangerous sea monster. One day there was a big, strong man called Bergfriedrich. He combat against the massive monster in the mystical water world. After a decent fight where eyerybody thought the strong Bergfriedrich would die was he able to kill the bad Bergfried sea monster. The people started a big party and celerbratet success and that they finaly have the gold. Bergfriedrich was thinking about this situation. He thought that maybe they gonna have a lot of envy and jealousy due the treasure. So he took all of the gold and built a big kids action waterpark and put the rest o fit to place where nobady wos able to find it. The people were searching for the valuable gold but nobody has ever found it again.

Help Bergfrieda - the granddoughter of Bergfriedrich - to find the lost gold. Where could it be? Start a big adventure and try the 47 meter long red waterslide or make a funny game with the waterguns. Bevor you even come to this attraktions you have to go trhough a magical cloud an amazing whater wheel and of course a cascade. Maybe the valuable treasure is hidden there?

In the Bergfried baby water world are waiting Nemo, Froggi and pink Fanti for all small adventurer. Also cool is a chill out area for all adults positioned so that you can see everything what your children are doing.

Are you ready to help Bergfrieda to find the gold of her grandfather? So come on and help us!

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